Momentum Release Notes V 0.18.0

On May 24 2022, we launched the Kusamaverse — a browser based metaverse for the Dotsama ecosystem. Something which would have not been possible without the community’s efforts and feedback, our partners’ support and, of course, the Kusama treasury grant. We’ve not been idle since then — we have been constantly developing and improving the Momentum stack. Part of this process involved the entire company aligning on our goals and visions during our Momentum Reboot.

All parts of the Momentum stack have been massively upgraded over the last few months — improving how the controller deals with Web3 data in real-time, constant front and back-end optimisations to improve the performance of the client, bug fixing and, of course, adding new features. We’ve primarily focused on improvements that impact the social functionality of the metaverse — to drive more engagement, interaction and to improve overall user experience when doing different activities within Momentum.

New Features

A few new features have been added since the launch of the Kusamaverse, mainly focusing on the Atmosphere in Momentum (such as implementing emoji, the ability to set avatars as your Profile picture and DND mode), and space functionality (better manage your space and have more control over your event/gathering).

1. Added Emojis. You can now express yourself inside the Kusamaverse by using emoji reactions. These will spawn within the 3d environment (as you fly around) and will also appear in the dashboards.

2. Introduced Avatars. When your camera is off it will now display your avatar as your Profile picture. In Milestone 2, we’re bringing NFT integration into the Momentum client.

3. Added an ‘Invite People’ feature. You can now ping other (online) users to join the space you’re in by clicking on ‘Invite People’ button and selecting their name from the members list. They’ll receive a notification within Momentum to instantly join your space.

4. Mute/remove other users. As an Admin of a space, you now have the ability to mute others and even remove them from your space.

5. Added a DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. If a user sets themselves as DND they cannot be high-5ed, invited to a space or grabbed a table with. Keep in mind, you’re gonna miss all the high-5 spam in the Kusamaverse! ;)

Reworked Features

Some of our existing features have also been reworked to improve the user experience in Momentum. This is especially true with regards to Stage Mode (better manage your speakers on stage, mute/unmute speakers, improved Agora implementation). Other reworks include: more easy ways to manage your audio/video settings and being able to work with your calendar in a more intuitive way.

1. Mute/remove a person on Stage. As an Admin of a space you can now mute a speaker, or even move them back to the audience!

2. Improved notifications for all aspects of ‘Stage mode’ — it should be much easier now to both interact and see the status of Stage mode from within a dashboard.

3. Added a ‘Share Location’ link to calendar invites. This enables users to join the event/gathering that they’ve added from Momentum directly from their calendar.

4. Scrollable mic setting dropdown. You can now scroll on the selection of your audio and video input/output, no matter how long your list of devices is!

5. Added ‘Music player’ functionality. Skip, pause, switch between the tracks, and set up your volume settings.

6. Reworked ‘Music Volume’ and ‘Sounds Effects Volume’. It is now easier to change the volume of the soundtracks in Momentum and the general sound effects separately, directly from the music player.

Bug Fixes & Other Optimisations

Last but not least, we’ve fixed lots of bugs, and optimised the performance of the Momentum in the past few months. This primarily concerns the updated Agora package, which massively affects Stage Mode functionality, as well as some browser issues; and Unity engine improvements.

1. Navigation optimisation. Holding the right mouse button now allows the user to look around when their wisp (your metaverse avatar) is stationary.

2. ‘Vibe’ count on the dashboard now refreshes properly, without the need for the user to re-enter the space.

3. Fixed issues with Admin of the space not receiving notifications from users requesting to go on Stage.

4. Fixed issues with Admin of the space not being able to deactivate Stage Mode.

5. Fixed issues with users being dropped from Stage Mode without being removed from stage, when using MacOS Chrome browser.

6. Fixed issues with MacOS users not being able to type in Chat.

7. Fixed stability issues specific to Brave Browser.

8. ‘Share Location’ links work now for users that are not logged in. They need to log in first — then the link takes them to the correct place in the metaverse.

9. Fixed issues with Search working inconsistently in different parts of the Explore Widget.

10. Added the option to cancel the login process for a Guest user flow.

11. Massive optimisations of the Unity engine to improve the Momentum performance.

12. Updated the Agora package to improve the Stage mode performance.

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