Our journey from Berlin Decoded to Momentum Reboot and onwards

Momentum Hackathon in Berlin before Polkadot Decoded 2022

Two weeks ago, we delivered the first series of results and wrote about it here. Today marks a big milestone for us — we are delivering the next results of our summer Momentum Reboot process. For us, it’s time to celebrate our achievements — with the community!

It seems like such a long time since we were in Berlin for Polkadot Decoded on June 29–30 2022. There we had a chance not only to fly around the Kusamaverse from the main stage — but we also got to share our vision of the metaverse and actively sharpen it with the community on the MetaWall.

MetaWall at Polkadot Decoded 2022: “The ‘Metaverse’ is not gonna make it unless I…”

With that, we presented our ideas for Milestone 2 for building the Kusamaverse and the integration of the parachains into it. But that was only three months ago! Doesn’t time fly?

Christel Sieling, Co-founder Odyssey Momentum, at Polkadot Decoded 2022 in Berlin: https://youtu.be/J0wSLQ8Co3M

Since then, we’ve pushed a number of our Momentum Reboot projects to the Kusamaverse and it’s been great to see how people have embraced the new functionalities.

DJ set in the metaverse!

One of the projects we’ve added — the Atmosphere project — enabled users to spawn different emojis in both 2D (on the dashboard) and 3D (outside of the space) environments. It was especially great seeing them in use during the live DJ set from Public Pressure on September 12 — which was streamed from the Berlin Blockchain Week straight into the Kusamaverse!

Hundreds of emojis were spawned by different people (often in time with the music and reflecting the tunes that were playing), which made it a truly collaborative experience shared in the metaverse. There is something awe-inspiring about seeing a giant flock of dancing flamingos! 🦩

Public Pressure live DJ set streamed from the Berlin Blockchain Week 2022 straight into the Kusamaverse

It’s all about the numbers

Another one of the Momentum Reboot projects — User Stats — resulted in a publicly available website that contains various user and operating stats about the Kusamaverse. We develop Momentum publicly — in transparency and open development — so we’re very happy to be able to enable everyone to see the raw Momentum stats at any time, without logging in.

Interestingly, we can officially confirm that there were over 350 high fives given during the Public Pressure DJ session! If you want to take a deep dive into the user stats, you can find them here: https://stats.momentum.xyz/.

Momentum stats: https://stats.momentum.xyz/

A wild World Builder appears!

Finally, we have a solid foundation for the World Builder, which we demoed live today during our Momentum 2023 Sneak Peek by creating our first (of many more to come!) fully software derived Metaverse — “The Construct”.

Previously, worlds created in the Momentum stack had to have some manual steps to push live, but that is no longer the case.

Momentum World Builder #underconstruction

The Construct will be our joint community playground for testing and showcasing new World Builder functionalities. This will enable metaverse builders in the future to experience what we are building, themselves. More information about The Construct will be available soon!

Back-end work to enable scaling

You cannot scale to multiple worlds with utility if you don’t enable everyone to build on top of your stack. That’s what we did with two back-end projects:

Controller restructuring

In this project, our goal was to unify all the different elements of the controller. The controller is responsible for pretty much everything that goes on inside the Momentum stack, so having a solid foundation to build upon is very important. We did this restructuring by not only refactoring a lot of code, but also by unifying all the separate components into a much more efficient unified data structure.

Controller restructuring during Momentum Reboot process

Plugin Infrastructure base layer

This back-end project is tied closely to the controller restructuring and the World Builder projects. Where the world builder will allow people to create elements inside the metaverse, plugins will provide the actual functionality. We switched our (old) monolithic back-end into something which is plugin compatible, allowing anyone to create useful plugin functionality that can be used to power a Momentum metaverse.

Building a new plugin framework during Momentum Reboot

Documents! My kingdom for a document!

We build transparently and document as much as we can, if you are looking for more information please check out our wiki to learn more.

Onwards and forward!

Where are we heading? Simply put, we aim to unlock new social experiences in the metaverse.

We warmly invite you to join our Show & Tell-sessions, every Monday at 15.00 CET in the Kusamaverse to learn and contribute!



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