Winners of World’s Largest Blockchain & AI Hackathon Announced


Odyssey, an Open Innovation Program by DutchChain which connects innovative ideas with governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to address complex societal challenges using emerging technologies, has announced the winners of the third edition of the world’s largest blockchain and AI hackathon.

100 teams co-created breakthrough solutions for 20 complex challenges, within 48 hours, with the help of 200 experts, corporate and governmental challenge holders, regulatory partners, and scientists including the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands; De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch Central Bank); the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM); the European Union Regional Development Fund; Deloitte; Vattenfall; and KLM.

60 jury panel members elected 19 winning teams and solutions, ranging from wildlife restoration and data privacy, to cargo insurance, inclusive banking and a fossil free future. The winners of the Odyssey hackathon 2019 are; Frontier Oost , HorsePower , Habari , Kryha, VX Company , a solid web, ChainMix , Data5 , Delft Hackathon Team, OVSoftware , Tradisys , idShapers , Edgica, The Future Firefighters , Socialtec, Team GoodChain, BerChain , Circularise , and Poort8.

Rutger van Zuidam, Founder and CEO of DutchChain and Odyssey, said, “At the Odyssey hackathon we have experienced an unwavering spirit of collaboration as well as the ability to completely change people’s perspectives on assumptions they bring with them to the hackathon. People work together, not to prove they are right, but to see how they can do things in a new way, and then come to a different understanding of the problem and potential solutions. That is what it means to not optimise for the status quo, but to find ways to break through perceived barriers. From the results we learn that this actually works.”

The four-day Odyssey hackathon, which took place from April 11 to 15, culminated with an additional closing event, Odyssey Ignite, where the winning teams moved forward into the Odyssey Incubation Program to develop, test, and launch their solutions together with their consortium over the next 100 days. At the closing event, six of the winning teams were also selected for additional mentorship by Super Accelerators. These teams receive additional support and access to networks of investors and industry experts, designed to help each team develop their solution.

QJ Wang, Executive Director for the Ethereum Community Fund, one of the six ‘Super Accelerators’ at the hackathon, said: “Odyssey is all about collaboration and welcoming new ideas that you didn’t have before. I wish I could choose 50 teams to highlight. It’s not just about this hackathon — this is a big incubation program and it will also be followed up and expanded to bigger ecosystems, so it’s a whole journey.”

Speaking at the closing event, Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Special Envoy of StartupDelta, said: “This hackathon is essential for showing the incredible potential of decentralised technologies and AI. However, there is still a gap in how to deploy many of these. Here you’re building bridges between the visions — that can’t go far enough because we have to force ourselves to think further and demonstrate tangible applications. The hackathon is just a first step. The follow up is essential to move to real impacts.”

The winners of the Odyssey Hackathon 2019, divided into 12 verticals, are:

Fossil Free Future:

Frontier Oost — Building a solution that verifies the energy production of an individual household based on data gathered from external sources.

HorsePower — Creating virtual mobile power plants for local communities sharing electricity for local line capacity improvement and normalizing demand and supply.

21st Century Digital Citizenship:

Data5 — Identifying, analysing, solving, and building bridges for all open datasets and providing solutions.

Delft Hackathon Team — Building identity groundup based on social structure/hierarchies, so that personal data could be used in other services

International Travel:

idShapers — Creating a digital passenger ID that lets the passenger control what they share and minimises GDPR risks for the airline.

Crisis & Disaster Management:

Edgica — Tokenizing the safety of hazardous material transportation by logging and validating the relevant data with an IOTA ecosystem.

The Future Firefighters — Helping emergency responders to make faster and safer decisions by collecting and analysing information from both closed and open data streams.

Digital Nation’s Infrastructure:

VX Company — Creating a digital identity for buildings which parties can, with permission, add data sources too.

a solid web — Enabling users to make more informed decisions by giving them detailed insights and full control over their permissions.

ChainMix — Risking minimisation and fraud prevention for modern business transactions

Tokenizing Ecosystems:

Circularise and Milvum — Visualising investments in open source protocols for investors, and generating smart contracts that run the protocols, allocate transaction fees, and govern a voting system.

Inclusive Banking:

Socialtec — Building a smart economy platform to unleash the untapped potential of goods and services within the local community.

Feeding the Future:

Team GoodChain — Enabling food and beverage brands to combine good business with social impact to establish personalised relationships with their customers.

Scaling Wildlife:

BerChain — Creating a social badge for corporate websites backed by real data showing the social impact of their donation.

Future of Cargo Insurance:

Poort8 — Enabling secure and controlled data sharing within logistics.

Rethink Retirement:

OVSoftware — Bringing the power of pensions back to the people.

Tradisys — Building a job marketplace for social organisations and responsible citizens that helps people to retire earlier and make the local community a better place.

Nature 2.0:

Habari — Creating a new ecosystem of plants, people and machines to protect our food.

Kryha — Creating artificial natural selection in order to make machines that can build a better planet or even enable life on another planet.

To find out more about the winning teams and their solutions, visit:


About Odyssey

Odyssey is an Open Innovation Program connecting innovative ideas with governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to address complex societal challenges using blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies, with a collaborative approach to innovation. Through a series of industry events, hackathons, and a decentralised incubation program, Odyssey mobilises a global ecosystem of more than 6,000 members, among whom developers, creatives, startups, corporates, investors, governmental bodies, legal experts, regulators, scientists, and other key stakeholders who tap into each other’s knowledge and resources to enable exponential innovation. Each Program season starts in September with the Future of Trust Summit, followed by a series of preparatory events (also known as Deep Dives), and peaks with the Odyssey hackathon in April.



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